Aerators and Fountains

Electric Aeration


We offer various sizes and models of aerators to help protect your investment. Aeration increases water contact with the air to help increase oxygen levels in your pond. Fish require healthy oxygen levels to live, grow, and reproduce. Oxygen levels rise during the day and drop at night due to plant respiration. During the summer months oxygen levels can drop to fatal levels at night. Aeration prevents oxygen levels from reaching fatal levels.Use of aeration during winter also prevents pond freezing.

Our aerators are unique in design, superior in construction and outlast competitors' models. They are suitable for continuous operation in both salt and fresh water. Our units are shipped complete with mooring/positioning line and power cords. They can be taken straight from the box and after insertion into the float, can be moored, plugged in, and ready to provide instant aeration. 


We offer 8 different ornamental fountain variations to beautify your pond. Each type can be equipped with a light kits to enhance the beauty at night.

Looking for aeration and aesthetics? We offer aerating fountains that give you the best of both worlds. Our

 design can include lighting accents as well, and consume half the energy of other fountains on the market. 

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Wind Powered Aeration

We are a dealer for Koenders Water Solutions.

Koenders Water Solutions Inc. is the innovator and world's leading manufacturer of windmill aeration systems. The Company was founded to offer farmers and pond owners environmentally friendly and cost effective solutions to keep pond water clean.

We have various sizes and models to suit every need. 

Field tested and proven successful for over 25 years.

4 tower heights to choose from Single Pump Compressor
Suitable for up to 2 acre ponds. 

A proven low-maintenance, low cost, highly effective method of maintaining water quality!

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