Channel Catfish


Channel Catfish are a perfect addition to any pond or lake, big or small, due to the fact that they are easy to manage, eat just about anything, and are easy to catch.

They can grow to larger sizes in the smallest pond, and tolerate even the worst of water quality conditions


Channel catfish begin spawning around June or July when water temperatures reach 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

Males find nesting sites in holes, stumps, or tires, or create their own nest. Courtship proceeds and females lay jelly like clumps of eggs on the underside of the nest. Eggs hatch after about a week.

In most smaller ponds and lakes catfish spawn minimally or not at all, populations that do spawn typically have their offspring preyed on by other fish.

Catfish typically have to be restocked as they begin to be harvested from the pond.


Fingerlings subsist on algae and zooplankton until they are large enough to begin consuming insects and small fish.

In their first year catfish are expected to grow 4-8 inches in length, and typically grow about 3/4 pounds after their first year. Catfish typically average 2-4 pounds but can grow to over 10 pounds, though records confirm catfish have been caught over 50 pounds.


Catfish are omnivorous and opportunistic, meaning they will eat just about anything and take advantage of what is most available. They accept commercial feed readily, as well as bait fish and other smaller fish as well.


March-July and September- November