Personalized Delivery

Stocking a pond doesn't have to be difficult task. We offer delivery to your pond or lake. 

Your delivery begins days before we stock you pond. We move your order from the ponds to our facility two days prior to de-stress and acclimate to assure healthy disease free fish prior to stocking. 

Your order is loaded the day of delivery to minimize stress during transport. 

We test water temperature on site to prevent your fish from suffering temperature shock which can kill fish if the temperatures are even a 5 degree difference. 

We work to the best of our ability to get you scheduled when it is convenient for you.

Extra Fish

Each customer receives 2% extra with each species and size order to account for any losses during transport. 


When we stock you pond you have a full replacement guarantee for one week. Issues arise, we have you covered.

Delivery Pricing

The cost of delivery is based on two factors:

Mileage from our farm to your pond

And the ease of access to your pond

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