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Missouri pond stocking

Supplement Your Population

Have you been harvesting species from your pond? Or just put in an aerator, allowing you to increase the stocking rate? Whatever your reason is we have what you need.

Stock The Proper Size

Adding small fish to a population of big fish can be an a costly mistake. You can add adult fish to supplement your pond as long as there are enough forage fish to support them.

Not sure what size to stock? Catch a few, compare their sizes and stock new fish based on sizes you are catching.

View our price sheet below for species and sizes.

Forage Fish

Forage or bait fish are the food base for the entire pond and are made up of minnows and golden shiners.

If your forage base is low then your fish go hungry and will appear skinny and weak.

Supplement their diet by adding forage fish every fall to fatten them up before winter, and in the spring before forage fish spawn to multiply your investment.

Supplementary stocking of forage fish increases the over all growth of you pond and keeps all species healthy.

During warm months check the shallows of your pond around submerged grasses and good cover spots, if you detect no signs of forage fish hiding from predators odds are there aren't many.

View Our Price Guide.

Spring 2018 Price guide (pdf)