Grass Carp


Grass carp are perfect species for aquatic weed control. Through use of specialized teeth in the their throats grass carp are able to eat various types of vegetation, and are strict herbivores. Grass carp are stocked when they are 8-12 inches because of their increased appetite while they are young and because they are large enough that most larger fish won't be able to eat them.

Grass Carp are best stocked in late fall or early spring before vegetation begins to grow. Stocking rates are typically suggested at 4-5 carp per surface acre, but stocking 10-12 per surface acre have been known to offer rapid eradication of nuisance plant species.


Grass carp are a river fish native to China. Grass carp will not spawn in ponds and lakes because their reproductive cycle requires the flow of large rivers.


Depending on food availability grass carp can grow as much as a pound or more a year. It is common for grass carp to reach 20-30 pounds over the course of its lifetime. 


Grass carp tend to consume different plant species at different stages in their life. At smaller sizes they will consume algae, while larger sizes will consume hydrilla or watermilfoil.

For more information on grass carp feeding  habits and aquatic weed control click the link below.


March-July and September- November