Hybrid Bluegill


Hybrid Bluegill more aggressive feeders and grow faster then bluegill. They can be stocked with most other fishes. Hybrids are know to be an easy aggressive catch and taste just as good as bluegill. To sustain quality fishing, hybrids will need to be stocked periodically or as harvested.


Hybrid Bluegill are typically a cross between a bluegill and a green sunfish. This cross results in a population of 90-95% males. Therefore little breeding will occur, but what offspring are born are inferior and more closely resemble that of a green sunfish, which can destroy quality fishing. Hybrids for this reason are best stocked with bass or catfish to control these inferior offspring.


Hybrid bluegill will grow about a 1/4 pound per year. Adults average about 3/4 pound, but have been known to get as large as 1-2 pounds.


A Hybrid bluegill's diet consists of mostly insects at a younger age switching their diets to smaller bait fish and insects as they grow. They readily accept commercial feeds.


March-July and September- November