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During our two operating season, fall (Sept.-Nov.) and spring (Mar.-July) we are open on Saturdays from 8 AM until 12 PM for the public to come and purchase fish straight from the source with no appointment necessary. In addition, we can also schedule appointments during the week to better fit your schedule.

Let us get you prepared for your pick up by viewing our tips below.

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Water Requirements

-Use fresh water from your pond or let us provide you with our water. 

-Never use city water, it has chlorine that is toxic to fish.

-Never use well water, it lacks oxygen to support fish transport.

We recommend the following gallons of water for transport of 10-15 minutes:

5 gallons                   10 gallons

1-2 Grass Carp       100 1-4" fish

20 gallons                  50 gallons

100 4-8" fish             100 8-12" fish

or 4 lbs. of minnows

For each 5 minute increase in transport double the recommended amount of water.

Acclimating or tempering fish is not needed if you use your own pond water.


-Use only clean containers.

-Containers can include livestock watering tanks, barrels, garbage cans, coolers, or totes to name a few.

-Bring lids, they keep the fish and water in and the sun out.

-Even a small aerator can go a long way, purchase a portable aerator ahead of time to keep the water oxygenated.

-Without aeration there is only so much oxygen available in your water, so head straight to you pond after you receive your order.

-Don't mix different sizes of fish they may eat one another! Separate your minnows from your bass, and everything from large catfish.


For $2 a bag we can place your bag your order.

-Our bags are 1'x1'x2', made of 3mm thick plastic, filled with water and fish, and injected with oxygen.

-On average fish will remain healthy in these bags for up to 3 hours, but transport should be immediate.

-We cannot bag catfish or large hybrid bluegill because they can puncture the bag.

-Place bags in a container to prevent them from rolling.

-Keep them covered. Direct sunlight will cause a greenhouse effect that will heat the water and stress the fish. 

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