Redear Sunfish

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Redear are a great addition to any pond since they do not typically overpopulate and they subsist on snails that can carry grubs that can infect other fishes. Redear are typically stocked alongside bluegill and bass.


Redear begin spawning between spring and summer when water temperatures reach around 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Frequent changes in water temperature around this time will sometimes result in nesting failure. Males create bowl shaped nests for females to lay their adhesive eggs in. Eggs typically hatch in about a week.


Redear fingerlings are expected to grow to 1-4 inches after their first year, and typically weigh 1/4 pounds the following year. Redear grow an average 1/4 pound per year and grow to the average size of 1/2-3/4 pound. They typically grow larger than bluegill over the course of their lives.


Fingerling redear will feed on zooplankton until they are large enough to begin eating insects. At around 4 inches in length redear begin feeding on a diet of mostly snails through use of specialized teeth in the back of their mouths thatcan crush shells. Redear won't typically accept commercial feeds due to their specialized diet, but may eat feed that has fallen to the bottom of the pond.


March-July and September- November