Bluegill Sunfish


Also known as perch or bream. Bluegill are a must for bass ponds, their ability to reproduce multiple times a year provide plenty of forage for growing bass.

They're an easy fish to catch, fun for all ages, and they taste great too.


Bluegill begin spawning around early May when water temperatures reach 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Males use their fins to create bowl shapes nest for the females to lay their eggs in. Females may lay eggs 6-8 times over the course of the summer, each time laying upwards of 20,000 eggs each.

Fry hatch after about a week and forage on zooplankton and insect larva.


Bluegill grow between 1-4 inches during their first summer based on food availability. Then will grow about a 1/4 pound per year. Adults average about 3/4 pound, but have been known to get as large as 1-2 pounds.


A bluegill's diet consists of mostly insects at a younger age switching their diets to smaller bait fish as they grow. Bluegill can be trained to accept commercial feeds.


March-July and September- November